Apps Delivered
Branding, Web Design, and Custom Development

Brand design, web site design, custom project management application, custom CRM, Custom SAAS.

Project Description

Apps Delivered was a very interesting joy ride with SharePoint Guru, Greg Venabale. We created a powerful platform for enterprise level Microsoft Partner Consultants like him to make creating distributive computing environments much easier and faster.


Project Details

Date: 1.15..2013
Client: Edison Partners - Apps Delivered


I used a broad range of programing and design tools to make everything for Apps Delivered. The Ground Control project management system I developed for Apps Delivered could really be its own separate product.

• Developed a group of applications for Microsoft Consultants and Partners to automate I.T operations

• Developed the Farm Builder application that techs use in the field to create distributed computing environments (private cloud appliances) on clusters from 3 – 1000 servers simultaneously. The primary package was SharePoint services with Microsoft Exchange Server, and Active Directory

• Created PowerShell scripts packaged as applications, automating several MySQL administration tasks and monitoring functions delivered through the Apps Delivered SAAS

• Created the SAAS delivery platform in C+ and NodeJS working with another developer (NodeJS specialist)

• Created a complex social network and project management system with PHP for our consultant partners

• Designed and Developed the corporate website, the consultants portal, and all marketing materials

• Advised the board of directors on all technology decisions